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YAS in The NHS

The NHS Structure
Where We Fit
Our Structure

The NHS Structure

The NHS is divided into two sections: primary and secondary care. Primary care is the first point of contact for most people and is delivered by a wide range of independent contractors, including GPs, dentists, pharmacists and optometrists.

Secondary care is known as acute healthcare and can be either elective care or emergency care. Elective care means planned specialist medical care or surgery, usually following referral from a primary or community health professional such as a GP.


Diagram showing the split of primary care services and secondary care service

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Where We Fit

We are the only NHS trust that covers the whole of Yorkshire.

The NHS Yorkshire and Humber website shows a list of trusts in our region.

Our lead commissioner is NHS Bradford and Airedale.

Our performance is monitored by NHS Yorkshire and the Humber, the county’s strategic health authority. Ultimately we are responsible to the Department of Health.

Ambulances outside hospital

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Our Structure

We have over 4,670 staff, based at ambulance stations and support offices across Yorkshire and the Humber.  

We have a total of 62 ambulance stations across the region. There are two 999 Emergency Operations Centres, in Wakefield and York, plus three administration centres, including Wakefield, which is the Trust’s headquarters.


Our emergency response service is split into five operational areas across the county, known as clinical business units (CBUs). These are:

  • North Yorkshire 
  • Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield  
  • Airedale, Bradford, Leeds and Craven
  • South Yorkshire
  • Hull and East Riding.

Each CBU is managed by a locality director and head of operations.

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