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About Us

Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust was formed on 1 July 2006 when the county's three former services merged.

It covers almost 6,000 square miles of varied terrain, from isolated moors and dales to urban areas, coastline and inner cities. It employs over 4,670 staff and provides 24-hour emergency and healthcare services to a population of more than five million. Over 1,055 volunteers also make a vital contribution to the service.

Ambulance and RRV

Facts and Figures:

Yorkshire Ambulance Service:

  1. serves more than 5 million people across the county of Yorkshire
  2. employs over 4,670 staff, over 62% of whom are operational, working on the frontline
  3. has A&E 999 emergency operations centres in York and Wakefield
  4. received 795,750 urgent and emergency calls in 2013-14 - an average of over 2,180 calls per day
  5. has a Patient Transport Service (PTS) which makes around 886,312 journeys transporting patients across Yorkshire and neighbouring counties each year
  6. operates from 62 ambulance stations across the county and 19 hospital-based Patient Reception Centres
  7. has a fleet of over 500 emergency vehicles and over 460 PTS vehicles and 696 PTS staff (whole time equivalents).