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Carolyn Haigh

PTS Reservations Clerk

Carolyn Haigh PTS Reservations Clerk

Carolyn Haigh is part of the team taking calls from patients, hospitals and surgeries and making bookings for Patient Transport Service (PTS) journeys. She’s 70, but brims with the enthusiasm of an 18 year old. “She’s such a bubbly and outgoing character,” says her manager. “We always know when she’s in. She’s a breath of fresh air!”

Carolyn’s not one to shout about her own achievements though. She only agreed to be interviewed if it would not be “too over the top”.

She has worked for PTS, part time, for nearly 15 years clearly enjoys being part of the team.

“I like coming to work. It gets me organised, keeps the brain going, keeps me involved,” she says.

“I have always had customer-facing jobs”, she explains. “I used to help in my father’s grocery shop in Wakefield: serving customers, carrying shopping for older people.

Carolyn finished full time work in 1968 when she had her children. “It was what I wanted to do,” she explains. “But it is different now. I have two professional daughters-in-laws who have kept their careers going as well as having their children.”

“In PTS Reservations I now help patients to make their bookings. Often they’re not quite sure what they’re doing, so I get them to read out their letters from the hospital and help them along the way.”

Carolyn has two sons, four grandchildren and two step-great-grandchildren; and she brings her mothering instinct into the team. “We get a lot of apprentices,” she says. “It is very satisfying when we see them go on to get jobs in the NHS.

“They’re often pretty quiet when they start but we try to bring them out of themselves with a bit of banter. Wouldn’t it be boring if no-one had a sense of humour at work?”

And with that, Carolyn bounces up from her chair and back to her desk to take the next call.