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Lynne Drury

NHS 111 Call Handler

Lynne Drury NHS 11 Call Handler

Lynne Drury is someone who likes to help others: whether it be at home with her family or at work.

“I’ve always worked in ‘helping’ jobs. I worked for 20 years in a breakdown recovery call centre before that job came to an end. I then tried other administration jobs but I didn’t enjoy them nearly as much. I saw the advertisement for NHS 111 call handlers when the service first launched in March 2013 and thought it sounded just right for me.

“Learning the NHS was a very steep learning curve, but right from the start I really enjoyed helping people to get the right service for their needs. It’s very rewarding.”

I think coming to work is good for me”, she says. “It helps me keep my life in balance. My husband has Multiple Sclerosis and although he still manages to do lots for himself, he does have bad days. I am grateful for the support my work colleagues give me and the service is good at helping me fit my shifts around his many health appointments.”

Lynne is clearly someone who brings enthusiasm and a positive attitude to whatever she does. She is now a NHS 111 coach with responsibilities for quality audits and training new staff.