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New National Survey Will Reveal People’s Views About Care From Ambulance Services

Published: 18 November 2013

A national survey will soon be taking place, asking callers for their views on the care they have received from the ambulance service after calling 999.  It will focus on people who have received telephone advice and care, rather than those who were visited by a member of ambulance staff.

An independent research agency will interview people by telephone and the results will be used by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as part of its assessment of the quality of ambulance service care.  Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust (YAS) will also be keen to consider how your views can be used to improve the service. All interviews will be short and completely confidential. Participation is optional: if you take part in the survey it will not be possible to identify you, but if you prefer not to participate it will not affect your NHS care in any way. If you do not want to be invited to participate, please contact us by email patient.relations@yas.nhs.uk or by telephone 0345 122 0535. If you have any general questions about the survey, please contact researchers at the NHS Patient Survey Co-ordination Centre on 01865 208127.