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Engaging with patients and carers about moving and transportation

Published: 24 June 2014

Do you, or someone you know, have an experience to share about the support you received to move or travel with the ambulance service?  This could be either when you were attended by an emergency ambulance or travelling with our Patient Transport Service. Or would you be willing to work with us to help us better meet your mobilisation needs in the future?

Examples of what this might include are:

  • being assisted to move after a fall or injury
  • use of carry chairs and stretchers
  • the need to travel with wheelchairs and mobility aids
  • supporting patients with complex needs during transit.

We would welcome all views and experiences both positive and negative.  The learning from this work will inform the action plan we develop for the future, including fleet and equipment, training and health and safety.
To share your views or experiences, or more information about this work, please contact Hester Rowell, Head of Engagement, email hester.rowell@yas.nhs.uk or telephone 01924 584072.

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