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Yorkshire Ambulance Prepares for Bad Weather

29 June 2007

29 June 2007

Managers at the Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) are preparing for worsening weather conditions over the next few days and asking the public to help out by only calling 999 in cases of genuine emergency.

Mike Shanahan, Assistant Director for Emergency Preparedness for YAS said:

"We are keeping a very close eye on weather conditions and have set up an internal co-ordinating group to ensure we provide the best possible service to the public during this period of inclement weather. Over the next 24 hours, it is likely that conditions will worsen across the whole of Yorkshire with many cases of localised flooding. We have already worked with other emergency services in the coordination and evacuation of many vulnerable patients from nursing homes and care establishments across our patch and this work will continue as the situation develops.

"As part of our response, we are introducing additional staff and seeking to redeploy existing staff to areas in the greatest need. We are also working in partnership with other agencies to provide cover for the areas affected.

"We'd like to advise the public to avoid doing anything that puts them at risk during this period. For example, don't drive unless your journey is necessary and if you do have to drive, take things very steady. Also, stay well away from any flooded areas."

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