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Remember, Remember to Be Safe Not Sorry

02 November 2007

2 November 2007

Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) is urging people to stay safe over the Bonfire Night weekend.

Even when the right measures have been taken to ensure people's safety, fireworks, sparklers and bonfires can still be dangerous. And if fireworks get into the wrong hands and are misused, the consequences can be devastating.  

YAS's Operations Director John Darley said people enjoying a display can do so safely if they follow some simple procedures.

"Fireworks and bonfires can cause serious injuries if the proper safety precautions are not followed.  YAS recommends people attend one of the professionally organised public displays. 

"If you are hosting your own event, follow the Fireworks Code and adhere to the instructions on the fireworks, keep onlookers at the safe distance indicated, and never return to a firework once it has been lit.

"Obviously fireworks should be kept stored away so they do not fall into the wrong hands, and please ensure children are supervised at all times and that they use sparklers correctly and safely.

"As Bonfire Night falls on a Monday this year YAS is expecting an increase in calls across the whole weekend, as well as Monday.  Wherever possible, additional resources will be placed to support the anticipated increase in emergency and urgent calls across Yorkshire."

Previous calls over the Bonfire Night weekend range from minor burns from sparklers to people falling into fires.  Of all YAS's responses to burns and scalds in West Yorkshire alone in November 2006 51% were on the Bonfire Night weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

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