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Paramedics in York Minster Rooftop Rescue

25 April 2008

25 April 2008

Paramedics from Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) were called to York Minster on Friday 25 April in what turned out to be a dramatic city centre rescue.

A call was received at 3.30pm to York Minster following reports that a male in his 70s had collapsed at the top of the tower.  Two crews attended the scene but were unable to bring him down the tower’s 275 steps to take him to hospital.

A helicopter with the necessary winching gear was rallied from RAF Leconsfield, and, after circling the Minster, lowered a member of the crew onto the roof.  The patient was safely winched onto the helicopter accompanied by a YAS emergency care practitioner who is specially trained and equipped to provide immediate care.

The helicopter landed at Bootham where it was met by an emergency ambulance which transported the patient to York District Hospital.

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