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Yorkshire Ambulance Service Supports the Cleanyourhands Campaign

26 June 2008

Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) has chosen to participate in the cleanyourhands campaign. Here at the Trust we take infection control seriously and are committed to keeping our patients as safe and healthy as possible.

The cleanyourhands campaign aims to:

  • raise awareness of the need for good hand hygiene practice amongst healthcare workers;
  • raise awareness of the importance of hand hygiene amongst patients and encourage them to ask staff if they have cleaned their hands before treatment
  • help tackle preventable healthcare associated infections.

It does this by enabling staff to clean their hands at the right time and in a quick and effective manner through the provision of alcohol hand rubs where care is provided; providing environmental prompts to remind staff to clean their hands; involving patients; and providing supporting tools and resources to assist in local implementation and engagement of staff at all levels.

Ambulance crews don’t always have access to hand washing facilities due to the nature of the work they do and they types of environments they work within. This is why at YAS we have introduced moist hand wipes in addition to the alcohol hand rub for staff to use when they are mobile.

Hand hygiene is one of the most basic procedures to help prevent the spread of infections. When staff clean their hands before and after they touch a patient they remove the microorganisms which can cause infections.

If you have any questions please contact Gill Johnson, YAS Infection Control Nurse and cleanyourhands co-ordinator tel: 0845 124 1241 or email gill.johnson@yas.nhs.uk

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