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Mother thanks ambulance crew who saved her daughter’s life

22 July 2009

A little girl, who was minutes from death, has been reunited with the ambulance crew whose quick actions helped save her life.

Georgia Lawn and mum Leeanne (centre)

Georgia Lawn and mum Leeanne (centre)
thank ambulance crew Amanda Marshall
(left) and Andy McLoughlin (right) at
Sherburn-in-Elmet Ambulance Station

Georgia Lawn was 19 months-old when she started fitting at home in Sherburn-in-Elmet.

Her parents dialled 999, and within five minutes an ambulance, crewed by Andy McLoughlin and Amanda Marshall, had arrived.

Mum, Leeanne, 28, gave heartfelt thanks to Andy and Amanda who came to Georgia’s aid that night. She said: “We were told by hospital staff that if they hadn’t got her to hospital when they did, even just five minutes later, Georgia may have suffered brain damage or worse still, she may not be with us today.

“Words can’t describe how thankful we are that Andy and Amanda were there to help that night. Without them it is likely to have been a very different outcome.

Georgia, now 23 months-old, had suffered a febrile convulsion, which is common in children when there is a rapid increase in body temperature.

Amanda, an Emergency Medical Technician based at Sherburn-in-Elmet Ambulance Station, said: “The scary thing with a child is that they can go downhill so quickly.

“As soon as we saw Georgia we knew she was very poorly. Her oxygen levels were dangerously low and we knew it was critical she got to hospital as quickly as possible.

“To be honest, it was one of the worst cases of febrile convulsion I’ve ever seen.”

Once Georgia was safely in the hands of doctors and nurses at the hospital, Amanda and Andy stayed with Leeanne and her partner, Brian, to explain to them what was happening.

Leeanne, who is expecting her third child with Brian in October said: “We wouldn’t have been able to cope with what was going on without them there to explain it to us.

“We have asked Andy and Amanda to stay in touch with Georgia and they have agreed to be god parents to the new baby so they can have a special place in our family forever.”

Andy, an Emergency Medical Technician, said: “To us, this is our job. This case isn’t an extraordinary occurrence for ambulance staff, but a reflection on what our colleagues do day in, day out.

“Sometimes we forget the difference we make we to people’s lives so it is nice when they take the time to say thank you.”

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