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Kids learn life skills at Craven Crucial Crew

27 April 2010

Hundreds of schoolchildren are being taught essential skills for life as the latest Crucial Crew sessions get underway.

The annual event, organised by North Yorkshire Police and partner agencies, forms part of the Government’s ‘Every Child Matters’ programme.

It brings together a number of organisations, including Yorkshire Ambulance Service, to give young people vital health and safety advice to help them deal with life challenges as they get older and become more independent.

The children, who are all in their final year at primary school, will get to grips with how to deal with real-life scenarios, including:

• first aid
• bullying
• road safety
• distractions in the car and reaction times
• healthy relationships
• safety in the countryside
• truancy and the consequences of crime and peer pressure
• domestic abuse
• railway safety
• drug dangers,
• anti-social behaviour
• chat room and internet safety - including the five golden rules
• open water safety
• fire safety
• healthy eating - the children’s  lunches  will be  judged while they   ‘munch their lunch’.

Dave Jones, a community trainer at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, is running a session at the event to educate the children in basic life-saving skills and appropriate use of the ambulance service. He said: “This is a great way to educate young people on how to stay safe and what to do if they find themselves in a difficult situation. The skills they will learn will hopefully stay with them for the rest of their lives and may one day help to save a life."

Stacey Mitchell, Community Safety Coordinator for Craven Community Safety Partnership, added: “This event is very much about close multi-agency working, we are very fortunate to have staff who are allowed to dedicate time and resource to this. In an area of low crime, we hope that this event contributes towards making our young people better citizens and becoming more respectful and thoughtful of the various experiences they will have throughout their lives.”

The organisations involved are: Craven Community Safety Partnership, Yorkshire Dales National Park, Craven District Council, North Yorkshire County Council, 4Youth, Duke of Edinburgh's Award Group, North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Craven Domestic Violence Service, YMCA, Northern Rail,British Transport Police,  North Yorkshire & York Primary Care Trust.

Other Crucial Crew events will take place in Scarborough, Selby and Hambleton later this year.

For more information visit: www.crucial-crew.org

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