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Quick-thinking Luke Commended by YAS Chief Executive

27 July 2010

Yorkshire Ambulance Service has commended 11-year-old Luke Metcalf, from Middleton, Leeds, for his exceptional actions when he discovered his mother collapsed in the bathroom following a hypoglycaemic episode.

Joanne Metcalf was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 16 years ago, and this is the first time she had had an attack.

Luke woke up at 2am to discover his mum collapsed in the bathroom and, according to the crew who attended, did everything right to bring his mum back round.

Quick-thinking Luke remembered that his mum had stuck a post-it note to the fridge telling him what to do if this ever happened. Luke followed these instructions calmly, making his mum eat some sugar and calling 999.

When Dewsbury ambulance technicians Jackie Fenton and Lewis Cowper arrived, Luke’s mum was sat up, fully alert and chatting.

Jackie said: “Everything Luke did was exceptional for an 11-year-old boy.  He was calm throughout and didn’t panic and he gave me a full account of what had happened eg how he found his mum, then what he did step by step.  He even went as far as sweeping up the sugar he had spilt when giving it to his mum. In my opinion Luke was a star and a son to be very proud of.”

Luke was presented with a certificate of commendation signed by Chief Executive (acting) Simon Worthington at Dewsbury Ambulance Station in July.

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