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Drive to Improve Non-emeregncy Patient Transport Services in Hull and the East Riding

01 April 2011

Following a public consultation carried out by NHS Hull and NHS East Riding of Yorkshire, eligibility criteria for the use of non-emergency patient transport will be applied from today as a way of improving the quality and responsiveness of the service. 

The Patient Transport Service, used to transport patients to and from hospital and treatment centre appointments, is operated by Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust and is commissioned jointly by NHS Hull and NHS East Riding of Yorkshire on behalf of local residents.

The new criteria has been designed to ensure the service is used appropriately and by those with a genuine clinical need which is expected to improve waiting times and generate much higher levels of patient satisfaction.

A patient is deemed to be eligible for patient transport if:

  • their medical condition requires skill or support of patient transport service staff throughout the journey
  • the patient’s health might suffer if they were to travel by other means
  • their medical condition impacts upon their mobility to such an extent that they would be unable to access healthcare without the patient transport service.

Sarah Fatchett, Director of the Patient Transport Service at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, said: “Patients are our highest priority and we are committed to providing high-quality non-emergency transport to patients across the region.

“Our aim is to deliver improvements in our service which result in a better all-round experience for patients and, by reaffirming the eligibility criteria, we can help to make sure that the service operates as efficiently as possible for those with a genuine need.”

For further information visit the NHS Hull website: http://www.hullpct.nhs.uk/press_releases/157

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