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Yorkshire Ambulance Service Launches Patient Charter

07 October 2011

Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust has published a Patient Charter for its non-emergency Patient Transport Service (PTS).

The Trust’s PTS provides non-urgent, planned transport for people who have been referred for treatment to hospital outpatient departments and other treatment centres, but who are unable to use public or other transport because of their medical condition.

The Patient Charter sets out Yorkshire Ambulance Service’s responsibilities and commitments to provide a high quality service. It also details the standards of conduct they ask from our service-users.

The Charter covers:

  • Who is eligible for PTS transport.
  • Which partners the Trust works with to provide the service.
  • The guidelines regarding patients taking escorts on PTS transport.
  • The Trust’s responsibilities in terms of service provision and safety.
  • The Trust’s commitment in relation to timeliness, communication, dignity and respect.
  • Clinic/GP/booking officer responsibilities when booking transport for patients.
  • Patient responsibilities.

Click here to view a copy of the Patient Charter

Diane Williams, Locality Director, PTS,  for Yorkshire Ambulance Service, said: “We are very proud of the standard of service and care provided by our Patient Transport Service staff. 

“We make approximately 20,000 journeys a week transporting patients to and from their hospital appointments and the Charter is our commitment to each and every one of those patients. 

“They themselves also have an important part to play in helping us achieve the highest standards, for example, telling us as soon as possible of any changes to their transport requirements and being ready at the agreed times, which is also included in the Charter. 

The document was developed by the Trust and representatives of the Trust’s Critical Friends Network and the Yorkshire-wide group representing the region’s 13 Local Involvement Networks. These are made up of groups of patients and members of the public who work with us on different aspects of service provision and development.

At Yorkshire Ambulance Service’s Annual General Meeting, Chairman Della Cannings, unveiled the Patient Charter.

Patient representative Mel Clark helped to put the Charter together. He said: “The Trust has responded positively to feedback from service-users. Working together we have created the Charter to help members of the public to understand how the PTS system operates, what to expect as a service-user and how patients can share their experiences with the Trust.  
“The Charter is commendable and a shows a real commitment to ensuring patients using the PTS will be transported to and from clinical destinations with best possible care and safety.”

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