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Community-based Paramedic for Bransholme

03 August 2012

A GROUNDBREAKING pilot scheme to provide a neighbourhood in Hull with its own community-based paramedic has been launched in Bransholme.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust now has a dedicated paramedic based in the area who will respond to life-threatening and serious emergencies and work with community groups to find ways that the service can be more responsive to the needs of local people.

Head of Emergency Operations for the Hull and East Riding area Mark Inman said: “The service we provide in Hull is amongst the most responsive in the county but we feel that this could be improved upon in Bransholme.

“We want to be more visible and to engage with people living in the area and I’m confident that having a paramedic based within the local community can help us to achieve these goals.”

                                            Paramedic Paul Houghton, based at Hull’s Sutton Fields Ambulance Station, is taking on the new role which will serve a population of more than 30,000. Armed with a fully equipped emergency rapid response vehicle, he will be based in the community for all of his shifts each week.

Paul has been employed by the service for nine years and is really looking forward to working more closely with the community, from pre-school children to older people. He said: “This is an innovative project that provides an alternative way for paramedics to use their professional skills for the benefit of the community.

“It will enable us to engage with residents, be proactive in our approach and address the real needs of the neighbourhood by working within it.” 


      Paramedic Paul Houghton

In addition to responding to potentially life-threatening emergency calls, the community-based paramedic will link with community groups to encourage healthier lifestyles, and provide advice and support to help local people gain better access to emergency and other healthcare services.

The scheme will be reviewed in September and could be extended if successful.

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