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Learn to Save a Life at Hands-only CPR Event

03 July 2012

YORKSHIRE Ambulance Service NHS Trust has joined forces with St John Ambulance and the British Red Cross to show people in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire how to perform hands-only CPR

The three organisations are aiming to get over 500 people to watch demonstrations of the CPR technique and try it out on a mannequin so, if required, they can perform the basic life-saving skill which is proven to significantly increase the chances of someone’s survival from a cardiac arrest.

Over 30,000 people have a cardiac arrest outside hospital every year and only 10 per cent survive. However, if vital cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) treatment is carried out to maintain blood flow to the heart and brain, it can make a real difference. 

On Saturday 7 July 2012, representatives from the three organisations will be at the Princes Quay Shopping Centre, Hull Paragon Railway Station and Tesco on Morton Lane in Beverley between 10am and 4pm offering people the opportunity to watch and try out the simple CPR technique.

Mark Inman, Yorkshire Ambulance Service’s Head of Emergency Operations for the Hull and East Riding area, encourages people to call 999 and start chest compressions immediately if they see someone collapse and stop breathing.

He said: “Hands-only CPR is simple yet very effective and by performing this basic resuscitation while the ambulance is on its way, you can considerably increase someone’s chance of survival and reduce their chance of disability.  

“It only takes a few minutes to master the technique and we hope as many people as possible come down and take the opportunity to see how to perform the vital treatment which could one day help them to make the difference between someone’s life or death.

“As an ambulance service we are committed to increasing survival rates of people who suffer a cardiac arrest and believe that by increasing the number of people within local communities who know how to deliver hands-only CPR, together we can save more lives in Hull and the East Riding.”

Lizzi Trueblood, British Red Cross service manager for community-based first aid, based in Yorkshire, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to come along and find out a few simple steps which can make all the difference in boosting someone’s chance of survival.

“Our friendly and experienced volunteers and staff will be on hand to talk to people on Saturday, and show them how easy it can be to help save someone’s life.”

Rachel Fowler, Community and Schools Liaison Officer for St John Ambulance, said: “Our research shows that two out of three people wouldn’t know what to do in an emergency situation and that up to 150,000 people die in situations where first aid could have made a difference. I hope as many people come along to the events this weekend, so that we can all work together to make a change.”

Hands-only CPR - If an adult has suddenly collapsed, is not breathing normally and is unresponsive, they are in cardiac arrest. There is no time to lose. Even if you are untrained your actions can help. There are two simple actions that people can do to help save their life:

  • Call 999
  • Push hard and fast in the centre of their chest about 100-120 times a minute until the ambulance service arrives.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service fully supports the British Heart Foundation’s ‘Hand-only CPR’ campaign. For more information visit the British Heart Foundation’s website: www.bhf.org.uk   

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