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No Smoking Day Encourages People to Quit

14 March 2012

With national No Smoking Day 2012 taking place this month (14 March 2012), Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust is reminding people that lighting up a cigarette poses extreme danger to health, not only of smokers, but of those who inhale the toxic fumes passively.

The national awareness day acts to reinforce the message to smokers that each time they light up they are putting lives at risk and encourages people to kick the habit.

It is also very important for smokers to consider the harm caused to others, as it has been clinically proven that non-smokers, such as siblings, children and friends of smokers, are known to have contracted fatal illnesses even through breathing in others' cigarette fumes. In particular, patients who suffer from asthma are at significant risk from breathing in others' cigarette fumes.

Dr Alison Walker, Medical Director at Yorkshire Ambulance Service, says they are called to hundreds of patients throughout the region each year with smoking-related illnesses and conditions. She said: "Smoking can result in a profound and often irreparable damage to an individual's health and often people's quality of life is restricted and they suffer greatly.

"Each year it is troubling to see the many hundreds of patients that we treat for smoking-related conditions as smoking increases the risk of illness, disability and even death caused by cancer, heart disease and lung diseases.

"Quitting smoking can almost immediately improve a person's health and even just one year after giving up, the risk of suffering a heart attack can be reduced by half. I hope that national No Smoking Day 2012 encourages as many people as possible to consider kicking the habit."

Yorkshire Ambulance Service welcomes the annual No Smoking Day and has enforced smoke-free measures of its own in the workplace which include; no smoking on any of the Trust's premises, in any frontline vehicle or when in uniform.

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