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Heatwave Demand

18 July 2013

Ben Holdaway, Locality Director of the Emergency Operations Centre at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, said: “Our staff have been kept very busy since the start of this warm weather and we have seen higher volumes of 999 calls, particularly during the weekend periods.

“On 6 July 2013, so far the busiest day of this recent heatwave, 999 call handlers in our Emergency Operations Centre received 34% more 999 calls than the average Saturday in June and at the busiest point received 230 calls in one hour - an average of four calls every minute! 

“Currently we are experiencing call levels which are 16% higher than last month. With the high temperatures spanning a prolonged period, we have seen demand continue at this increased level and we continue to ask members of the public to follow all the healthcare and safety advice to avoid becoming victims of the sunshine.

“We know it’s common sense that people should keep cool and hydrated and look out for those who are vulnerable, but these preventable measures will help avoid the need for medical assistance leaving our ambulances available for those who need them most.

“As always, our staff will be working hard to get to patients who require an emergency medical response as quickly as possible but we do ask that people only call 999 for an ambulance in a medical emergency when it is obvious that someone has a life-threatening illness or injury.”

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