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Response from the Trust Relating to recent claims by Unite the Union

12 April 2013

A spokesperson for Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust said:

We can confirm that dialogue was maintained with Unite the Union officials during the Easter weekend and leading up to the day of industrial action. These talks were facilitated by ACAS and involved senior officials from the Trust. 

“These discussions, including face-to-face meetings, led to no change in Unite’s stance. They were unwilling to cancel their planned industrial action and did not agree to exempt key frontline staff from participating in the strike.

“For an ambulance service trade union to state that it is taking action in the interests of patient safety and yet to withdraw the labour of around 90 members of staff as part of the industrial action is further evidence of its unconstructive approach which led to the Trust ending its voluntary recognition of Unite.

“Emergency Care Assistants do not replace clinicians. They are not expected to operate at the same level as a fully-qualified clinician and the training they receive is wholly appropriate to the role they are required to deliver.

“All of these staff perform a highly valued and important part of the delivery of our emergency ambulance service and continuing to suggest that such capable and committed staff would have a negative impact upon patient safety is unfounded.


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