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Ambulance Service Opens its Doors to Members of the Public

11 September 2014

Members of the public are being given the chance to take a closer look at their local ambulance service at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) later this month.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 30 September at Thackray Medical Museum, Beckett Street, Leeds and will follow the service’s bi-monthly Trust Board Meeting Held in Public and a public presentation on the Trust’s Acute Care Pathways by Head of Clinical Effectiveness, Jacqui Crossley.

The events will provide an opportunity for people to meet with a range of staff including members of the Trust Board and frontline clinicians and learn about the latest developments at the Service and its performance over the past year. The AGM will highlight the Trust’s achievements during 2013-14, will detail its plans for the future and will formally present the annual report and accounts for this period.

The public presentation will take place from 10.45am to 11.15am and will be followed by the AGM, which is expected to run until 12.15pm. The Trust Board Meeting Held in Public will begin after lunch at 1.00pm and is expected to last two and a half hours.

David Whiting, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, said: “2013-14 has not been without its challenges but there have been many positive developments at YAS and we hope to highlight these and our future plans with members of the public.

“Responding effectively to patient needs is at the heart of everything we do and we’re looking forward to sharing the steps we’ve taken and the initiatives we have in place to ensure we continue to provide a safe, reliable and high quality service.”

Members of the public are asked to confirm their attendance at the event by emailing: foundationtrust@yas.nhs.uk or by telephoning 01924 584416. Attendees can also raise questions with the Trust Board regarding items on the agenda ahead of the Trust Board meeting using the same contact details.

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