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Lifesaving Team Are All Winners at Rugby Tournament Re-play

14 August 2014

A man who suffered a heart attack while officiating a rugby tournament at Selby RUFC has met with the crew and bystanders who saved his life as part of a presentation to mark the event.

Lifesaving team are all winners
Doug Skelton meets the award-winning Yorkshire Ambulance Service crew and brave bystanders who saved his life in April. Pictured (from left to right): Mark Inman (YAS), Kathryn Smith (YAS Crew Member), Darrel Cullen (YAS Paramedic and YAA crew member), Neil Hall (YAS Crew Member), Douglas Skelton, Hayley Brady (Club Physio), Neil Williams (off-duty Special Constable), Vince Larvin (YAS) and Jason Carlyon (YAS).

Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust (YAS) was called on Saturday 26 April 2014 when Doug Skelton was initially reported to have collapsed on the pitch at Selby Rugby Club. Off-duty Special Constable Neil Williams and Club Physiotherapist Hayley Bradley were at the match and began cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) immediately.

An ambulance and rapid response vehicle (RRV) attended and the crews continued to work on Mr Skelton with the help of Hayley and Neil, stabilising his condition before he could be airlifted by the Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) to Leeds General Infirmary.

Mr Skelton, a quantity surveyor from Brayton, received further treatment at York District Hospital before continuing his recovery at home, and got to meet the crews and kind-hearted, quick-thinking bystanders who helped saved his life at a celebratory replay of the tournament this month.

The crew members who attended Mr Skelton were presented with Locality Director Commendations by YAS Locality Director of Operations, Vince Larvin, and Civilian Commendations were also awarded to Hayley Brady and Neil Williams.

Speaking at the event, Vince Larvin commented: "Swift intervention vastly increases the chances of survival from a heart attack and there is no doubt that the treatment provided by Hayley and Neil saved Doug’s life. Both continued to work with our crews when we arrived on scene and this was a fantastic example of people working together in an emergency situation.

"I’m delighted to recognise both the crews and Hayley and Neil for their outstanding achievement with a Locality Director’s Commendation."

Doug is recovering well and enjoyed the replay of the tournament. He added: "there was a big turnout for the original tournament but unfortunately the matches and annual presentations to the players had to be cancelled when I fell ill.

"I’m delighted the Club agreed to re-run the tournament and it was a great opportunity for me to personally thank those who attended me back in April. It was a privilege to meet everyone and a really enjoyable day."

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