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Public Invited to Ambulance Service Event

12 August 2014

Yorkshire Ambulance Service Extraordinary Trust Board Meeting Held in Public to be held on Tuesday 2 September 2014

Members of the public are invited to Yorkshire Ambulance Service’s Extraordinary Trust Board Meeting Held in Public on Tuesday 2 September 2014 where the Trust Board will receive the organisation’s Non-financial Annual Accounts including health and safety, risk management and the management of patient and other data.

The meeting will be held at the Trust’s Headquarters in Wakefield and those attending will also have the opportunity to find out more about the work of the organisation, its aspiration to become a Foundation Trust and how they can become a Member of Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

The meeting will take place between 11.15am and 1.00pm in the Kirkstall and Fountains rooms, Yorkshire Ambulance Service Headquarters, Springhill 1, Brindley Way, Wakefield 41 Business Park, Wakefield, WF2 0XQ.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service’s Trust Board Meetings Held in Public take place at locations across Yorkshire and the Humber every two months. These events give members of the local community the opportunity to look behind the scenes at all of its services including A&E, NHS 111, Patient Transport Service and how it manages major emergencies and events such as the recent Tour De France. The meetings also include discussions of the issues facing the Service and are attended by Trust Board members as well as senior management.

Each meeting typically includes a public presentation covering a variety of subjects, from mental health provision to alcohol care pathways. The September meeting is an Extraordinary meeting to accept the Trust’s Non-financial Accounts and the discussion of this document will take the place of the usual presentation.

This meeting will be followed by the Trust’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will be held on Tuesday 30 September 2014 at the Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds where the public will have the opportunity to hear about the past and current years’ performance delivery and its future plans.

Details of all Trust Board Meetings Held in Public can be found on the Trust’s website www.yas.nhs.uk

If you would like to attend the meeting please register your interest by emailing foundationtrust@yas.nhs.uk or telephoning 01924 584416.

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