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Trust board highlights progress on response times and CQC actions and welcomes the Government’s commitment to pioneering Vanguard sites

01 December 2015

At its bi-monthly public board meeting recently Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust (YAS) highlighted how its improvement in response times had been recognised by partners and the Trust Development Agency (TDA).

Chairman Ms Della Cannings, QPM, said, “We have put a lot of effort into improving our response times despite a background of demand increasing year on year and I am pleased that we are now showing the benefits of that effort. Realistically we are entering a very tough time of the year for us and it is good that we are going into it from this more positive direction.

“We know that long term sustainability of response times can only come about through increased staffing and changes in our vehicle makeup and we are putting plans in place to make sure this can be achieved but it is not a quick fix.”

The Board also heard about how the Trust was effectively implementing the actions required from its CQC inspection earlier in the year and going beyond the expected levels in many of the areas. In addition, there was a presentation on the expanding use of nurses within the ambulance sector and how this is helping patients to be treated at home, suiting patient needs and removing unnecessary journeys into hospitals.

Members the public and the Board were also made aware of the latest update on the West Yorkshire Vanguard programme.

Ms Cannings said, “It has been an interesting couple of weeks for discussions and announcements on healthcare. Last week’s Comprehensive Spending Review and its commitment to increasing the NHS budget will be welcomed by Trusts across the country.

“Last week NHS Providers called for realism on what can be provided within current budgets, tightening performance management and increases in demand and on Monday 23rd November I attended an event in Downing Street where the Prime Minister spoke about the NHS aiming to be an exemplar around the world and how pioneering Vanguard’s, like the one in West Yorkshire, need to be brave and will provide better services for patients by integrating care in different pathways. This is exactly what YAS and its partners are aiming to achieve and our strategic plans support this.

“Vanguards are leading on developing new care models that will act as blueprints for the future of the health and care system across the country and our local partnership in West Yorkshire will support us to roll out potential changes across the whole of Yorkshire benefitting thousands of patients.”

Yorkshire Ambulance Service holds its Trust Board Meetings in public at various locations across the region in a move to engage with local communities and to give people the opportunity to find out more about its work.

The next Trust Board Meeting to be held in public will take place on Tuesday 26 January 2016 in Leeds (venue to be confirmed). If you would like to attend a meeting please register your interest by emailing corp-comms@yas.nhs.uk or telephoning 01924 584035.

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