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Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust Board highlights NHS 111 flagship service, positive progress following CQC inspection and plans for coming year at AGM

01 October 2015

At its AGM in Doncaster this week the Yorkshire Ambulance Service Trust Board was updated on the high quality of service provided to NHS 111 patients together with making positive progress from issues raised by its CQC inspection and how it plans to manage challenges over the coming months.

The AGM was held on the same day at the Trust’s bi-monthly board meeting. These meetings are held in public at different locations across the region to allow local communities to come along, find out more about what we do and ask questions directly to the Board.

Keeley Townend, Associate Director of NHS 111, gave a presentation on the NHS 111 service highlighting demand for the service rocketing by 27% since the previous year.  Also highlighted were developments and changes going forward which have been supported by its Commissioners and the key role the service provides in managing patients’ health needs across the region.

The Board also heard a story read out by the Chairman from a patient’s daughter highlighting the excellent service both her Dad received from NHS 111 at the end of his life and also her 82-year-old mother who was recently very ill.  The Board heard, NHS 111 gave ‘a professional and efficient service but who also show empathy and are compassionate to patients in their hour of need’.

In addition, the Board discussed management of demand, improvements in recruitment to frontline posts and progress of the West Yorkshire urgent care Vanguard programme.

Ms Della M Cannings QPM, Chairman of the Trust Board, said, “The past year has been challenging for us on a number of levels, many of which have been played out very publicly. What the papers are less interested in are the high number of positive stories we have or the successful developments that we have made for patients across the Yorkshire and Humber region.

“Investing in our vehicles, improving the work-life balance for our frontline staff, managing increasing demand against external pressures such as hospital turnaround times and changes to social care and massively increasing the number of people who we are training in CPR and the use of defibrillators whilst managing our budget sensibly are all really good positive developments, all with patients at their heart. I felt it was really important to highlight this at the AGM along with just how much I recognise the hard work our staff do.

“The Trust has not stood still since our CQC inspection in January and has already made significant steps to address the issues raised most of which the Trust itself highlighted to the CQC at the start of our inspection as being work in progress already agreed by the Board. These include further promoting all clinical staff being ‘bare below the elbows’ to improve infection control and consistently improving deep and daily cleaning of vehicles. I am confident all issues raised by the CQC will be completed in line with our plans.”

The next Trust Board Meeting to be held in public will take place at 11.00am on Tuesday 24 November at Cave Castle Hotel and Country Club, Brough, East Riding of Yorkshire HU15 2EU.

If you would like to attend a meeting please register your interest by emailing
corp-comms@yas.nhs.uk or telephoning 01924 584035.

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