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Trust Delivers Free First Aid Training to Migrant Access Project

23 March 2016

Last week several members of Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust (YAS) visited the Migrant Access Project based in Leeds to deliver free first aid awareness training and discuss the services the Trust provides.

The Migrant Access Project is made up of volunteers known as Migrant Community Networkers who collectively speak over 30 different languages and aim to reduce pressure on public services where migration has impacted the most.

Kez Hayat, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at YAS, said of the event: “This was our first time working with the Migration Partnership and I am very pleased with how many Migrant Community Networkers came along to the event. It was such an interesting morning, hearing about individuals’ personal journeys and was encouraging to see their interest in the ambulance service. I am excited to see where this partnership will take us in the future and I look forward to holding more of these events across Yorkshire.”

Over 15 Migrant Community Networkers attended the event to learn about the Trust’s services, volunteering opportunities and took part in the free first aid awareness session led by Community and Commercial Education Trainer Don Buxton.

Pria Bhabra, Commissioning Officer (Migrant Access) from Leeds City Council, said: “This partnership work is crucial to ensure that communities understand the role of Yorkshire Ambulance Service and how their approach of working with communities can overcome barriers to accessing the service appropriately.”

If you know of a community group that would benefit from the free first aid awareness training please contact Ali Richardson, Foundation Trust Membership Manager, email ali.richardson@yas.nhs.uk or phone 01924 584416.

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