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Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol Concern is challenging people to give up alcohol from 1 to 31 January 2016 to encourage people to make a healthy start to the New Year. The charity will be providing tips and information on cutting down and how this will help health, sleeping patterns and general wellbeing. You can also raise money for the charity by asking your family and friends to sponsor your 31-day challenge.

Dry January

For more information about ‘Dry January’, visit the Alcohol Awareness website: http://www.alcoholconcern.org.uk/

Alcohol is one of the leading causes of accidents in the UK and ambulance crews are too often called to pick up the pieces at incidents where someone has become ill or injured as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.

Members of the public are being encouraged to do their bit to help and suggestions include:

For more information about ‘how much is too much’ and access to other resources, visit the Alcohol Concern website: www.alcoholconcern.org.uk/concerned-about-alcohol