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National Patient Safety Agency

The Trust has been actively involved with the National Patient Safety Agency, cleanyourhands campaign until its completion in 2011. The Trust will continue to adopt the principles of the campaign as part of ongoing education.

Further details of the cleanyourhands campaign can be found by on the link below:

cleanyourhands Campaign cleanyourhands Campaign

The cleaning of hands by Yorkshire Ambulance Service staff caring for you is important; if you have not seen the staff member clean their hands then please remember “it’s OK to ask” the staff member to clean their hands.

To ensure patients are cared for in a manner designed to reduce the risk of cross-transmission of infections, hand hygiene audit compliance is carried out each month.

You can view the Audit Compliance Form.

The Trust actively works with members of the whole health economy to help reduce the risk of infections and cross-transmission of infections. Health economy partners include (but are not limited to) hospital trusts, primary care trusts, the Strategic Health Authority, the Health Protection Agency, the Department of Health and other UK NHS ambulance services.