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Annual Health Check 2007-08 Action Plans

On 16 October 2008 the Healthcare Commission published the annual performance ratings for all NHS organisations in England.  Two main areas were evaluated – how effectively an organisation uses its resources and the quality of its services.

In the ratings the Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) received an overall assessment of “Fair” for ‘Use of Resources’ and “Weak” for ‘Quality of Services’ for the period April 2007-March 2008.

The improved ‘Use of Resources’ rating compared to 2006-07 reflects the Trust’s improved financial position following a successful turnaround period.  It indicates that YAS is better managing its finances and that internal governance controls have been effective in improving the organisation’s financial standing.

Where the ratings showed we still have improvements to make in terms of ‘Quality of Services’ the Trust is absolutely committed to addressing the areas of weakness identified.  Our action plans for improving our position on core standards and national targets are attached below and show the measures we are taking and the significant progress we have already made.  Also attached is our Hygiene Code action plan as we refer to this in both documents.

These plans were presented to our Board on 21 October and will be discussed again at the Public Trust Board meeting on 18 November when our 2007-08 annual health check rating is reviewed in detail.

Progress on implementing the plans is tracked through our Performance Dashboard.  This is formally reviewed on a monthly basis by either our Integrated Governance or Audit committee as well as by the Trust Board.  We will also be reporting regularly to Yorkshire and the Humber Strategic Health Authority who will be performance managing our progress.

Supporting Documents

Core Standards action plan (PDF, 24Kb)

National Targets Action Plan (PDF, 20Kb)

Hygiene Code Action Plan (PDF, 144Kb)