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Board Meeting
24 September 2013

Please click on the links below to access the documents.

Public Board Meeting 24 September 2013

1. Apologies/Declaration of Interests

2. Minutes of the Meeting
Extraordinary Trust Board Meeting held in Public 3 September 2013
Action Log from minutesof the Trust Board Meeting

3. Chairman's Report

4. Quality, Safety and Patient Experience
4.1 For Approval:
NHS Trust Developement Authority Compliance with Monitor Licence
Requirement for NHS Trust Return
NHS Trust Development Authority Board Statement

4.2 For Assurance:
Service Transformation Programme Board Report
Appendix 1 - Service Transformation Dashboard

4.3 For Assurance:
Mid-Year Review
Appendix 1 - Executive Summary

5. Strategy, Planning and Policy
5.1 For Approval:
Risk Management & Assurance Strategy including Risk Assurance Information Flows
Appendix 1 - Risk Management and Assurance Strategy

5.2 For Approval:
Proposed Updates to Yorkshire Ambulance Service's Integrated Business Plan Appendices:
a. IBP Appendix 3, The Constitution, Version 33
b. IBP Appendix 2, Governance Rationale, Version 23
c. For Assurance: Solicitor's Letter of Conformity

6. Performance Monitoring

6.1 Chief Executive's Report
Integrated Performance Report

6.2 Charitable Funds Committee - No meeting since 23 July 2013

6.3 Audit Committee:
a. Minutes of the meeting held on 4 June 2013
Chairman's Report of the last meeting held on 16 July 2013
b. Audit Committee Annual Report 2012/13

6.4 Quality Committee
Minutes of the last meeting held on 9 July 2013
Chairman's Report of the last meeting held on 10 September 2013

6.5 Finance & Investment Committee
Minutes of the meeting held on 9 July 2013
Chairman's Report of the last meeting held on 10 September 2013

6.6 Board Review and Feedback
Board Vital Guiding Principles

T - timely, accessible communications
R - respect differences; be supportive
U - understand shared purpose, risks
S - self-awareness; give/receive feedback; time for reflection
T - take responsibility; challenge

7. Regulatory Reports

8. Date and location of next meeting

26 November 2013 at The Spa Bridlington, South Marine Drive, Bridlington, YO15 3JH