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Board Meeting
29 March 2016

Please click on the links below to access the documents.

Public Board Meeting Agenda 29 March 2016

1. Questions from the Public

2. Apologies/Declaration of Interests:

3. Minutes of the Meetings
Minutes Trust Board Meeting in Public 26 January 2016
Action Log

4. Chairman's Report

5. Quality, Safety & Patient Experience

5.1 Patient Story

5.2 For Assurance: Chief Executive’s Report and Integrated Performance Report
a. Chief Executive’s Report
b. Appendix 1 - Six Successful years as Chairman
c. Integrated Performance Report

5.3 For Assurance:
Board Assurance Framework including Corporate Risk Register
a. Cover Paper
b. Board Assurance Framework
c. Corporate Risk Register

6. Strategy, Planning & Policy

6.1 For Approval:
Communications and Engagement Strategy
a. Cover Paper
b. Corporate Communications and Engagement Strategy 2016-2021
c. Appendix A - Action Plan
d. Appendix B - Outline Proposal for Securing Continuous Public Engagement
e. Corporate Communications and Engagement Strategy Presentation

6.2 For Approval:
Trust Board and Committees Planner 2016/17 (V.2)
a. Cover Paper
b. Board-Committee Meetings Planner 2016-2017

6.3 For Assurance:
Freedom to Speak Up Policy / Guardian Role
a. Cover Paper
b. Freedom to Speak Up - Recommendations, Principles & Actions
c. Freedom to Speak Up - Route Map for Raising Concerns
d. Freedom to Speak Up - Review, Resolution & Reporting Standard Operating Procedure
e. Freedom to Speak Up (Raising Concerns) Policy

7. Performance Monitoring

7.1 For Assurance:
Quarterly Update A&E Transformation Programme
a. Cover Paper
b. A&E Workforce Plan Summary 18 March 2016

7.2 For Assurance:
Review Register of Interests (Board & Staff) and Hospitality Register
a. Cover Paper
b. Declaration of Interests for the Financial Year 2015-2016
c. Register of Hospitality

7.3 For Assurance:
Use of Trust Seal
a. Cover Paper
b. Appendix A - Register of Sealings
c. Appendix B - Register of Sealings

7.4 Charitable Funds Committee Chairman’s Report of the Charitable Funds Workshop Held on 26 February 2016

7.5 Audit Committee - Nothing to Report Since the Last Meeting Held on 7 January 2016

7.6 Quality Committee - Minutes of the Meeting Held on 3 December 2015 and Chairman’s Report of the Last Meeting Held on 3 March 2016
Quality Committee Meeting Minutes

7.7 Finance & Investment Committee - Minutes of the Meeting Held on 3 December 2015 and Chairman’s Report of the Last Meeting Held on 3 March 2016
Finance & Investment Committee (F&IC) Minutes

7.8 Board Review and Feedback

Board Vital Guiding Principles
T timely, accessible communications
R respect differences; be supportive
U understand shared purpose, risks
S self-awareness; give/receive feedback; time for reflection
T take responsibility; challenge

8. Regulatory Reports

9. For Information

9.1 YAS Forum Report of the last meeting held on 12 January 2016
YAS Forum Meeting Notes

10. Date of next meeting:
1100, 24 May 2016
AESSEAL New York Stadium (Rotherham Football Ground)