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Board Meeting Papers

Latest Board Meeting Papers

Board Meeting 24 May 2018
24 May 2018
Board Meeting 27 March 2018
27 March 2018
Board Meeting 28 November 2017
23 November 2017

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Approved Board Meeting Minutes

Click here to view the Minutes from previous Board Meetings

Archived Board Meeting Papers

Here you will find Board Meeting Papers from previous years.

2017 - 18 - Visit the archive

2016 - 17 - Visit the archive

2015 - 16 - Visit the archive

2014 - 15 - Visit the archive

2013 - 14 - Visit the archive

2012 - 13 - Visit the archive

2011 - 12 - Visit the archive

2010 - 11 - Visit the archive

2009 - 10 - Visit the archive

If you wish to view Board Meeting Minutes prior to April 2009 please complete the Online Enquiry Form.

Board Attendance Matrix

The Board Attendance Matrix shows the attendance of Executive and Non-Executive Directors at Trust Board Meetings and Board-level Committee Meetings.

Board Attendance Matrix 2016-17

Board Attendance Matrix 2015-16

Board Attendance Matrix 2014-15

Board Attendance Matrix 2013-14

Board Attendance Matrix 2012-13

NHS Constitution - Evidence of compliance

YAS Trust Board (May 2014) was assured of YAS' compliance with the principles, values and pledges of the NHS Constitution evaluated against the high level assurances provided in Appendices A and B.

Review of NHS Constitution - Appendices A and B