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YAS Dignity and Respect Campaign

The YAS Dignity and Respect Campaign was launched in January 2011, and aims to raise awareness of the need to treat patients and service users with dignity and respect.

The campaign is about reminding people to think about the things they can do to ensure all service users are treated with dignity, and placing a greater emphasis on quality of services.

The campaign aims to:

  • raise awareness of dignity and respect
  • demonstrate that YAS cares passionately about dignity and respect
  • share good practice and encourage new ways of working
  • transform services by supporting people to provide dignified services
  • reward and recognise those people who make a difference.


In support of this campaign, people from across YAS, in all departments and roles, are being asked to sign up as 'Dignity Champions'.

The YAS Dignity Code

The YAS Dignity Code ensures dignity for every service user by:

  • remembering that many care activities can leave people feeling vulnerable (physically, emotionally or psychologically)
  • demonstrating respectful verbal and non-verbal communication
  • having zero tolerance for all forms of abuse
  • supporting people with the same respect you would want for yourself or a member of your family
  • respecting people's right to privacy
  • treating everyone as being of worth, in a way that is respectful of them as valued individuals.