Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust serves the whole of Yorkshire, an area that covers 6,000 square miles. It provides 24-hour emergency and healthcare services to a population of more that five million people, serving rural and urban populations, from remote homes in the countryside to small villages and multi-storey city centre apartments.

Some remote properties can be difficult for us to locate as it may be that they are known by a name, rather that a street number, shares a postcode with other properties in the area or is located at the end of a small country lane familiar only to locals.

In any event, when our emergency service is required we are assisted by modern technology and in the vast majority of cases can find people very quickly.

On rare occasions it can prove more difficult to establish the exact location of a property but it is vital that we do so especially in the cases of a potentially life-threatening medical emergency. 

If you think your property is hard-to-find and that we may not be able to locate you should you need to call 999 for assistance, MapMe can help.

MapMe allows you to share key information with Yorkshire Ambulance Service about the location of your property so that we can pin-point your address in an instant.

What you need to do

If you live in Yorkshire and are concerned that we may not be able to find your property when you call 999, MapMe can ensure that your property is clearly marked leaving you safe in the knowledge that we can find you quickly when you need us most.

All you have to do is complete the simple online form below to tell us about any specific directions or access information for your property. This information will then be used within the mapping system used in our Emergency Operations Centres. It's important you give us as many details as you can to ensure that we can accurately pin-point where the property is located.