Additional Services

As well as our three core services, A&E Operations, Patient Transport Service (PTS) and NHS111 we deliver a range of additional services such as:

  • Research support - we work with the pharmaceutical industry, Universities, and NHS partner organisations, including the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network.
  • Procurement and logistics - Patient care depends on the guaranteed availability of quality equipment, materials and services, balanced against the expenditure of taxpayers’ money, requiring sound economic procurement decisions to be taken.
  • Safeguarding patient at YAS – we have a responsibility to report any incident where there are concerns that a child or an adult at risk may be suffering significant harm or abuse, or is at risk of suffering harm or abuse. We share our safeguarding concerns with the relevant agency, who have a duty to investigate these concerns and take any appropriate action.
  • Commercial services - we provide a range of services on a commercial basis, for example, medical cover at events, supporting organisers with medical plans and risk assessments, providing staff and vehicles for film and TV production and our online team provide web and eLearning design services.