Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement Team

Our Community Engagement Team work with communities across Yorkshire. We provide training on life-saving skills, help people understand how and when to use our services and engage with communities to understand how we can improve our services and contribute to improving people’s health and reducing health inequalities.

We also engage with communities to encourage them to come and work for YAS and provide support and training to help people find work and improve their employment prospects.

Our Community Engagement Strategy, covering 2021 to 2024, sets out how the Trust will engage with our communities to support the Trust to achieve its vision to be trusted as the best urgent and emergency care provider with the best people and partnerships, delivering the best outcomes for patients. 

Our strategy includes our commitments to engage with communities to contribute to saving lives, building relationships and addressing health inequalities.

Training people to provide life-saving skills is an important part of our community engagement. We want the people in our communities to have the best chance of survival in an emergency.

Our training covers key life-saving skills, is accessible and is aligned to the National School Curriculum for basic first aid.

We hope to enable everyone in Yorkshire to respond in a medical emergency by arranging and facilitating free first aid awareness sessions, thanks to the support of YAS Charity

Contact us if you would like to arrange a free 2.5 hour first aid session for your community group. Please note we may not always be able to respond to requests for sessions due to availability.

Restart a Heart Day was developed in 2013 by the European Resuscitation Council to encourage others to teach members of the public how to help restart the heart of someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest.

The following year, Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust offered all secondary schools in Yorkshire the opportunity to receive free CPR training for pupils on Restart a Heart Day (on or around 16 October).

In 2014 we visited 49 schools and taught CPR to 11,500 youngsters – with the help of hundreds of volunteers, mostly off-duty staff and community first responders. The event has continued to go from strength to strength; in the last seven years on Restart a Heart Day we have taught life-saving skills to an incredible 151,000 youngsters at 82% of Yorkshire’s secondary schools.

Find out more on the Restart a Heart website or contact us.

For further information about our Community Engagement Programme please email