Patients Reminded to Order Repeat Prescriptions in Time for Christmas

15 December 2017

Yorkshire and Humber’s NHS 111 service is urging patients not to leave it too late to order and collect their repeat prescriptions this Christmas.

The urgent care service receives a significant number of calls from patients who have run out of their regular medication and is asking people to make sure that they have sufficient stocks so they do not run out over the festive holiday.

Dr Eithne Cummins, Medical Lead - Integrated and Urgent Care for Yorkshire and Humber’s NHS 111, said running out of daily medication over the festive period could have serious consequences for patients, especially those who rely on them to control heart and breathing problems.

Dr Cummins added: “The NHS 111 service will be very busy over the Christmas and New Year period. People have a lot to think about at this time of year and can easily forget about their repeat prescriptions, so we are taking this opportunity to remind people to check that they have enough medication to see them through Christmas and New Year. Any repeat prescriptions should be requested from your GP in the next few days so you can enjoy the celebrations without the worry of running out of vital tablets and medicines. Please also remind any friends or relatives you have coming to stay with you to bring their medicines with them.

“We are also asking people to check their GP opening hours over the festive period and to ensure that they have a well-stocked medicine cabinet so that if they fall ill with common winter ailments such as colds and coughs or diarrhoea and vomiting they can treat themselves at home.”

Be prepared for most common ailments by keeping a well-stocked medicine cabinet at home

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