A&E Operations

Our frontline staff in A&E Operations have attended thousands of patients with both suspected and confirmed COVID-19 across the region, adapting and responding to the constantly changing clinical and operational guidance on how to best treat those in our care. 

During March 2020, our Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) received just over 95,000 999 calls, with a peak in mid-March, when we saw a 40% increase in the level of calls compared to our forecasted levels. 

The number of ambulance attendances during March also increased in line with call demand, however despite this increase, the number of patients that we conveyed to hospital reduced by around 10% compared to February. We increased the number of patients who we were able to treat on scene or who needed referring to another service. 

We also saw a significant increase in the number of patients that we were able to support through our ‘Hear and Treat’ service, where we provided clinical advice, guidance and signposting to appropriate services over the phone when they called 999.