Diversity at YAS

Find out how we ensure there is equality of opportunity for all our staff, patients and visitors.

YAS prides itself not only on the diverse range of services that it offers as a regional healthcare provider, but also on the diverse range of people within YAS who provide patient care and support the organisation. We are proud of our ability to harness the different experiences, backgrounds and personalities of the people working here in order to create a workplace culture that we all value, and that leads us to providing the best possible care to the people we serve.

Diversity and Inclusion is at the heart of the Trust's core values and our values contribute to making YAS the unique place it is. We want to ensure that we continue to be an employer of choice for individuals regardless of their age, disability, gender re-assignment, sexual orientation, religion and belief, sex, race, maternity and pregnancy, marriage and civil partnerships, social economic background or any other distinction. We want to deliver high quality services and compassionate care to all patients and service users.

Diversity and inclusion is an integral part of our culture and values and we strive to make them visible in everything we do.

• We aim to attract, select and retain a diverse range of talented people to work at the Trust and value the contribution made by everyone.
• We embrace the diversity of all our staff, patients, service users, visitors and everyone associated with the Trust to create a harmonious environment where people are comfortable being themselves and are able to realise their full potential.
• We challenge inequality in all its forms and promote dignity, respect and understanding within the Trust and the wider community.

We are always keen to hear your views on our approach to diversity and inclusion. Your comments and suggestions will help us prioritise our efforts and make progress towards achieving our objectives.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust is committed to ensuring our services and employment practices are accessible, inclusive and fair for the diverse communities we serve and the workforce we employ. This is reflected in the Trust’s vision and values – please read our Diversity and Inclusion Policy Statement.

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