Trust Board Meetings

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Here you will find the latest Board Meeting Papers.

Board Meeting Archive

Here you will find Board Meeting Papers from previous years.

Asking a question or attending a board meeting

We welcome questions from members of the public, which will be taken at the start of each meeting whenever possible. To be considered during the meeting, questions must be submitted 2 working days before the meeting. Every effort will be made to include as many public questions as possible.

If you wish to attend the meeting in person, or if you wish to ask a question, please contact us by email at or if you prefer, you can telephone us with your question on 0330 130 0550.

Board Attendance Matrix

The Board Attendance Matrix shows the attendance of Executive and Non-Executive Directors at Trust Board Meetings and Board-level Committee Meetings.

Board committees

There are six committees of the Board. The Board delegates authority to these committees for specific areas of work. Each committee is responsible for providing assurance to the Board in relation to their area of work. 

The latest terms of reference of Board committees are published here: