Repeat Prescriptions Reminder for Bank Holiday

22 August 2023

The region’s NHS 111 service is reminding patients to order and collect repeat prescriptions in time for the upcoming bank holiday weekend.

During long weekends, the NHS 111 service tends to receive many calls from people who have run out of their regular medication, and it is asking everyone to make sure that they have enough supplies at home and that they remember to pack their medicines if they are going away.

Missing out on daily medication can be serious, especially for people who rely on tablets and other medicines to control heart and breathing problems.

GP practices will be closed on Monday 28 August, so we are asking people to check that they have enough medication to see them through Easter.

Any repeat prescriptions should be requested from your GP, so that you can enjoy the bank holiday weekend without the worry of running out of essential tablets and medicines. It’s also a good idea to remind any friends or relatives coming to stay with you to pack their medicines.

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