Helen Smith, Dispatcher

Helen Smith

Dispatcher Helen has worked for Yorkshire Ambulance Service for ten years. Her role primarily involves dispatching ambulances to emergency calls. She must use her judgement and training to review jobs and dispatch the most appropriate resource. This often involves diverting ambulances from less urgent calls so she must trust her experience and prioritise the most poorly patients. Additionally, Helen often works on the dispatch desk for the Air Ambulance and must decide which incidents to send the helicopters to.

When asked how she came to work for the ambulance service Helen said “I wanted to make a difference to people’s lives. I briefly considered joining the police but I’ve never regretted choosing the ambulance service. The best part is that I can see instantly that my work is helping people.”

Helen is one of our most enthusiastic members of staff and is always getting involved in extra YAS activities such as Restart a Heart Day and organising fundraisers. Helen says “I love being a part of the YAS family! That is honestly what it feels like – we all work hard and do long hours and everybody just wants to do their best to help patients. We are all part of a vital chain and that feels great!”

Want to know more about Helen’s work at YAS? Helen is one of our Twitter Champions so you can follow her on Twitter today - @YAS_HelenS