Award for mummy’s three-year-old hero

14 May 2021

Olivia and Maya Gaunt

Olivia and Maya Gaunt

Three-year-old Maya Gaunt has been hailed a ‘little hero’ for calling 999 when her pregnant mum collapsed at home.

The brave youngster calmly used her mum’s mobile phone to call for an ambulance, giving her address in Lofthouse and explaining what had happened.

Mum Olivia was 12-weeks pregnant at the time and suffering from hyperemesis which causes uncontrollable sickness and extreme dehydration.

The first time she collapsed due to dehydration, her husband Daryl had just arrived home. Worried that it would happen again when she was alone with Maya, she decided to teach her what to do ‘if mummy falls to the floor’.

“We did role play practise,” said 28-year-old Olivia. “I taught her to tap my face three times, shake me three times, shout my name three times and tap nine on my phone three times. Then I explained she would have to ask for an ambulance and give our address to whoever answered the phone.

“Within only a week she had to do it for real and I was so amazed at how well she did. She remembered everything and was so calm - she even unlocked the door to let the ambulance crew in! We are so proud of her.”

Olivia was taken to hospital where she was given three litres of fluid and a fourth set of medication to try and control her sickness.

As one of the youngest callers to dial 999 for an ambulance, the nursery pupil at Robin Hood Primary School in Wakefield, will receive a Yorkshire Ambulance Service Certificate of Bravery in recognition of her actions.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service Emergency Medical Dispatcher Fiona Dinkel, who took the call, said: "Maya touched my heart, for a three-year-old not only to remember to dial 999 but to know exactly what her address was is incredible. She was so calm and did everything I asked her to do. She was a true little hero for her mum that day.”

Olivia added: “I would encourage all parents to make sure their children know how to ring 999 in an emergency, know how to bypass the password or facial recognition on a mobile phone to contact the emergency services and know their address. These are invaluable lessons; you never know when they might need to use it.”

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