Paramedic's random act of kindness

08 February 2018

A paramedic from Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust has gone beyond the call of duty to help one of her patients.

Leilah Nolan and her crewmate, Tom Thackray-Collier, were called to a homeless man who was seen wandering around in a gown after discharging himself from hospital in Leeds.

All of his clothes had been cut off whilst he received hospital treatment.

After establishing that he did not need any further treatment, Leilah decided to go to a local charity shop and buy the man some warm clothes - with money out of her own pocket.

Leilah said: “The man we helped was freezing cold. He desperately needed some warm clothing, and as he was homeless with no money, Tom and I felt it would be nice to buy him something warm.

“We went into the British Heart Foundation charity shop and found a T-shirt, warm jumper and coat, which we thought would be suitable for him, and we were happy to buy them for him.

“When we took the clothes back to him, he was so happy and even did a little dance. He was shocked that someone did that for him and said he didn’t know what to say.

“Whilst we were with him, a lady brought him a hot chocolate and another man brought him a sandwich. For whatever reason, this man was living on the streets and had no money for food or clothes and he needed help.

“As a paramedic, we aren't always needed to help people medically, however, it is nice when we can help people in other ways.

“I hope it encourages others to do random acts of kindness. I know if it had been any of my other colleagues who attended to this man that they would have done the same for him. We are all very caring and compassionate towards our patients and treat people with the dignity and respect that they deserve.”

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